GBros Adapter

GBros 转换器

GBros 是一款手柄转换器,考虑到八位堂用户大多是有复古情怀的游戏玩家,有一款配件能连接老手柄,让过去的幸福时光重现,将是一件令人惊喜的事情。设计上也想比其他转换器更加亮眼,简洁灵巧的外形与时尚的配色,让你的老手柄继续发光发热。

GBros handle is a converter, considering the eight hall users are mostly have the feelings restoring ancient ways of game players, there's a spare parts to connect the old handle, let the past happy time, will be a surprise thing.Design also want to more bright eye than other converter, concise and smart appearance and fashion color, keep your old lever.