Little monster



"Little monster series" is a series of design for young elisa, daily necessities, aimed at by the appearance of fashion and special touch, design the most special of the "monster", to this end, we also set the background for this series, the story behind the rich products: a group of alien creatures, was exiled to the world is full of curiosity, they are strange, eccentric, and with what kind of attitude will come to our side?

「 百香果 香薰机 」


Sending out charming fragrance of fairies, let us both in a closed office space, or in the home, can be immersed in the fruit, is closer to the nature.

「 原创魔方 」


Rubik's cube of granular bone complex, small cute, wisdom and level of appearance, let you in the entertainment as vain.

「 多嘴纸巾盒 」


Looked at small tissue box, but it is everyday commodities, if it can speak, it knows the secret must be ten mouths also said not over.Such as: through each paper extraction time, frequency and speed, I'm sure the girl is not the mainstream.

「 千眼球球 气氛灯 」


Thousands of eye ball was inspired by restoring ancient ways of if wave penalty, multiple markers two-tone place bright indoor every corner.Life needs ceremony feeling, in the future days, let me teach you how to romance.

「 键键 闹钟 」


Random button to turn off, if only to press the two buttons to close the accurately, do you know which two?Join more than two buttons, the four? Five?

「 鬼脚三 台灯 」


Monster series bring you three leg lamp, different from daily see wooden desk lamp, we want to make it more slender clever, let it in the desktop technology not only can lighting, also can bring you some fun in the heavy work.

「 多喝水 水杯 」


Water is a cliche, with the most intuitive way, overflow cup of water, to direct expression of our design purpose: have no matter to drink water more, drink more water ok.