我们为PBTAILS设计的蓝牙手柄 CHOC 是品牌产品打造的第一个产品,它外观复古、独特且充满活力。我们从四个主题出发,在色彩与材质上赋予这个系列的产品不同的个性与两点。

“Urban Steel” 城市钢铁,来自阿斯加德的锻造厂。它是一个强大而有力的野兽,将诸神的力量掌握在自己的手中,不会让任何人阻挡你的道路。
“Cyber Tank” 赛博坦克,冲在火线的第一名,游戏中战无不胜。不要想着打掉大 Boss,让 Cyber Tank 带你一起成为 Boss。
“Toxic Frog” 毒蛙,美丽又危险。就像它的马佐尼亚表亲一样致命。一旦你把握在手中,你就会向任何阻挡你的人吐出毒液!这就是毒蛙。
“Drunk Rose” 酒醉玫瑰,态度决定一切,有什么比 "醉玫 "的霓虹灯更自信的表达方式呢?她是如此的大胆! 在醉玫面前,其他人都太普通了。

Our controller series is old-school, unique, and vibrant in look. We think the neons of the past are markers of the future.

"Urban Steel" — Urban Steel comes to you from the forges of Asgard itself. It is a mighty and powerful beast. Hold the power of the gods in your hands and let no one stand in your way. "Cyber Tank" — Cyber Tank is our first in the line of fire. Play knowing you have the power to get you through. Don’t fight the boss, be the boss with Cyber Tank. "Toxic Frog" — TOXIC FROG is beautiful and Dangerous. Just like its mazonian cousin, it's deadly. Once you hold TOXIC FROG in your hands you'll be spitting poison at anyone that stands in your way! "Drunk Rose" — Attitude is everything. And what better way to make a statement than with Drunk Rose’s neon glow! She’s so bold, she’s strong! A rose by any other name is just a kick-ass controller.