手柄的设计,外观借鉴了苹果最早的 logo,上方绿色的叶子是由硅胶制成的USB插口防尘塞;还根据 APPLE II 的主机,设计了一款同比例缩小的手柄底座,可用来支撑手柄或手机以及其他平板设备;包装盒则是参考APPLE II 的主板。

2016年恰逢 APPLE 成立40周年,该产品全球限量生产1976个,由内到外向苹果致敬。

With the love of ancient culture, we designed for eight hall a salute to apple products – AP40.

The design of the handle, the earliest appearance drew on apple logo, green leaves on the top of the USB receptacle dustproof plug made of silicone;According to the host of the APPLE II, also designed a handle base with scaling, can be used to support the handle or mobile phones, and other tablet devices;Packaging is the reference of the APPLE II motherboard.

40 anniversary of the founding of 2016 coincided with the APPLE, the product 1976 global limited production, from the inside extroversion APPLE salute.

2016年九月,AP40 在美国知名众筹网 KICKSTARTER 上线,第二天便被权威财经媒体《福布斯》网站报道,是吉窝窝再次为八位堂展示了出色的产品力与品牌力。

In September of 2016, AP40 well-known the KICKSTARTER to raise network online in the United States, the second day was authoritative financial media Forbes, is GWOWO shows the excellent products with the brand’s forces for 8BitDo again.