The Fearless


飞机严谨的外形与精密的计算数据带给我们更大的想象空间,我们想在这样严肃的设计背后找到生活趣味的切入点。 日常中,飞机代表着离开与到来。我们以飞机的外轮廓形为创意来源,以音箱为最终的表现载体,除了赋予它视觉趣味性外,也想将对一些远去的人与事的思念,寄托在这样一个会发声的容器里。

The shape of airplane is rigorous and precise calculation data bring us greater imagination, we want to find the fun of life behind in the design of such a serious point. The aircraft represents the leave and come in dailylife.We in the plane of the outer contour shape for sources, to speakers as the ultimate performance of the carrier, in addition to giving it a visual enjoyment, also want to for some far away people and things will be missing, in such a container.