With environmental issue being one of the biggest problems now, our goal was to bring more attention to the environment and animal protection. According to the latest statistics, there are less than 500 wild Siberian tigers in the world. Tigers may be very fierce, but they are also very fragile. They also need our care and protection. We hope, through our design, to raise people awareness of the importance of protecting our global resources and those endangered animals, starting from tigers.

After finishing this design, we singed a contract with the World Animal Protection Association on the agreement of 1 USD donation to them with each unit sold. We hope to make a small change with every effort we put in. We also hope this act can help bring those around us together to be part of it as we believe design can influence people on a much higher and deeper level. Though this is a small step to take, we have taken it hoping we can do more in this direction in the future with more people joined in.