Unfinished word


在为 Tiger&Rose 进行生态保护主题的同时,工作室的同事也想为幼小的生命发声。“没有人永远18岁,但永远有人18岁”,这个设计意在呼唤保护鸟类动物,尊重每一个幼小生命,对它们的伤害其实也是剥夺了它们的时间。每个时刻都是独一无二的,前一秒是过去,下一秒是未来,时间没有任何偏袒,我们也不该自作主张。

In theme for Tiger&Rose ecological protection at the same time, the studio's colleagues also want to as the voice of young life."No one ever 18 years old, but always someone 18", this design aims to call for protection of birds, animals, respect every young life, the harm of them is deprived of their time.Each moment is unique, is in the past, a second before the next second is the future, no bias in favor of time, we also shouldn't self-assertion.